Wednesday, May 27, 2009

LasikPlus Nashvalle Reviews | LasikPlus Surgery Center Reviews

lasikplus-nashvalle-reviews LasikPlus Nashvalle Reviews by Heather : I ended up having Lasik done at LasikPlus in the Nashville, TN office with Dr. Thomas Wohl. I had this surgery on 2/28/09. Everything went well, and I was seeing 20/20 the following day. One thing I’d like to mention, is that my eyes were bruised from the suction cup and the pressure, which caused the white part of my eyes to be red. The doctor informed me that this typically happens to 20% of patients. So, the worst scenario with my surgery, was for the healing of this bruising and for my eyes to be clear of redness. Tomorrow it will be a week since I’ve had the surgery, and my eyes continue to see clearer and the redness is starting to go away. I definately am satisfied with my results and would most certainly go through the procedure again. It is extremely nice to no longer have to put contacts in and out every morning and night. I can also see the alarm clock in the morning. However, I cannot wait until the redness is completely gone and I can wear eye makeup!
I did receive 2 valiums prior to the surgery to calm my nerves. Which was extremely helpful. Also, I didn’t feel like another number or herd of cattle at this office, as I did at other clinics with my consultations. I arrived at the office at 10:30 and left at 12:15. I was probably in the surgery room for 20 minutes. The physician first examined my eyes before the surgery, then the nurses led me to the first laser machine. It was definately pretty wild when one of my eyes had a patch on it and the other the laser was doing the work. It felt like I was in a movie or something. It didn’t hurt, but felt pretty weird. And, when one eye went black for a second, it didn’t scare me as much as I thought it would. The nurses would count down from 15 seconds until the process was complete. Then, I was escorted to the 2nd laser machine. There was a point that I did say ouch on my left eye. Maybe the numbing drop wore off a little, but it wasn’t excruciating pain, but definately caught me off guard. Then, I was told the healing process works best the more you keep your eyes closed immediately following surgery. So, as soon as I got to my car, I closed my eyes on the way home and only opened them to walk in my apt. For about 1 hour after the surgery, my eyes were burning, but this sensation went away after an hour. I was definately scared to open my eyes for the first time after my nap, they felt very watery and a little swollen. When, I first opened my eyes it was very blurry. But, as the day went on my eyes became clearer and clearer. I was completely fine to drive the next morning to my 8am appointment, and I was reading the bottom line, which is 20/20 vision. My left eye was a little more blurry than my right.
So, overall, I expected everything that happened by all of my research, except the bruising of eyes and the redness. So, now my only hope is to have the white part of my eyes to be completely clear again! I do want to thank Dr. Wohl for the gift of sight, and hopefully everything keeps getting better and better here on out. But, I would definately go through this process again! Just make sure you do your research on the physician and facility and go to the place that makes you feel most comfortable, that was how I made my choice. I paid 3K for both eyes, which includes a 15% vision discount through my insurance. This also seemed to be right in the middle and norm for the procedure at this time. Again, I’m happy with my decision and my new eyes!