Sunday, February 10, 2013

Can Lasik fix astigmatism?

'Can Lasik Fix Astigmatism' is a frequently asked question now-a-days. There are many patients who demand & need Lasik, but they have astigmatic power with indicating different axis. That's why the question pays a great attention to us. Let's know what's the answer of it. Firstly, we have to make a diagram that what does Lasik Astigmatism mean?

The term LASIK Astigmatism is absolutely related to Astigmatic patients. Where Astigmatism indicates unequal refractive power of cornea of the eye.  It may be associated with Myopia or  Hypermetropia. A surgery was performed named Astigmatic Keratomy PARK (Excimer Laser Photoastigmatic Refractive Keratectomy)  for astigmatic correction. But now-a-days, LASIK is widely performed instead of PARK.

Now, let's consider what will be happened after surgery. If you will go under surgery for astigmatic correction you may face some vision disturbances. eg.; blurring of vision, not only that you may need enhancement correction after surgery which makes you crazy probably. So, it will be wise decision to make a discussion with the surgeon about prognosis of the Lasik Surgery, and it must be discussed before surgery. Just question him, what will be the uncorrected visual acuity after surgery? If you will get a positive response from your surgeon, then you can consider surgery; but always keep in mind that, for astigmatic correction Lasik has no a great contribution. Although, some patients have no any complain on it after operation.

I would like to end it keeping unsolved, and advise you to talk with your doctor before making any surgical decision. I think that will be better for you.

Lasik Definition

Lasik-definition Lasik Dedfinition: The word "LASIK"  stands for "laser in situ keratomileusis" (sometimes also called "laser in situ keratomileusis"). It is a surgical procedure by which visual correction is ensured. For that reason, sometimes it is also known as corrected surgery. By reshaping cornea, it reduces the demand of glasses or contact lenses for visual correction. It is a alternative way to see clear and obtain normal visual acuity, like 6/6.