Friday, July 31, 2009

Lasik Operation | Laser Eye Lasik Operation

Lasik operation is one refractive correction which performed by Excimer Laser for refractive error patients. Lasik operation is not very similiar with other operation like as heart surgery. Objectives of lasik operation is that encourage patients to avoid wearing eye glasses or contact lenses. This lasik operation can be performed by following these steps...

  • Making corneal marks.
  • Creating corneal flap with microkeratome.
  • Lifting of flap.
  • Drying of corneal stroma.
  • Applying laser treatment.
  • Repositioning of corneal flap.
  • Drying flap borders.
  • Installing Antibiotic eye drops.
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Don't PRK LASIK Surgery| PRK Candidates Reviews

Don't PRK LASIK for those patients:

  • Inflammation of the eye.
  • Glaucoma or suspected glaucoma.
  • Dry eye syndrome.
  • If the refraction should not be stable for at least one year.
  • Pregnant women.
  • After cataract surgery.
  • Suffering patient from degenerative (such as keratoconus) and autoimmun disease (such as lupul).
  • Retinal disease.
  • Some are disease, such as uveitis.
  • Corneal infection.

PRK LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery Tips | PRK Recovery

Lasik recovery is an important matter after lasik eye surgery, so we have to follow some lasik recovery tips for PRK lasik recovery. PRK lasik recovery basically depends on post operative guidlines. Here I describe some tips for PRK LASIK recovery and also for LASIK recovery. These are...

  • Choose best PRK SURGEON.
  • Know more about PRK laser eye surgery procedures.
  • Follow guidlines of After PRK, Before PRK.
  • Always respect to PRK Treatments.
Must Know About before PRK Lasik correction:
  • PRK Hyperopia
  • PRK Astigmatism
  • PRK Cost
  • PRK Dry Eyes
  • PRK Cornea
  • Custom PRK
  • Monovision PRK
  • Wavefront PRK
  • PRK Myopia

Choose Best PRK Centers :
  • LASIK plus PRK surgery centers
  • LASIK dallas PRK surgery centers
  • TLC PRK surgery centers.

PRK LASIK Eye Surgery Risks | Lasik Risks

PRK LASIK risks | Disdvantage of PRK Laser Lasik eye surgery : There are many risks for PRK lasik surgery. These are following...

  • Can create astigmatism.
  • Poor healing process.
  • Long time applied medication.
  • Photophobia or light sensitivity can occur.
  • Haloas and other light effects can occur.
  • Visual acuity can reduce during healing periods.
  • Dry eye syndrome. (PRK DRY EYES)
  • Corneal infections.

Advantage/Benefits of PRK Lasik Surgery

Benefits or Advantage of PRK Laser vision Lasik correction surgery are follows...

  • It's requiring less instruments.
  • It' minimizes the depth of ablation.
  • No neddles or incisions are required.
  • Don't make cut the cornea.
  • Better uncorrected Visual Acuity (VA) is 6/6 or 20/20 (90 to 95%)
  • Serious complications are extremely rare.
  • It's less complex laser vision correction surgical procedure.
  • Best PRK procedure for High Myopia (more than -4D) than LASIK.
  • Best vision correction SURGERY procedure for thin cornea.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pasadena Eye Lasik Surgeon Center California

Pasadena Eye Lasik refers the names of Pasadana eye lasik surgeons. Pasadena Eye Lasik Laser center provides good service for lasik patients. They perform all types of Lasik Surgery including monovision custom lasik. And other types of Lasik Surgery are LASIK, PRK/LASEK, epiLASIK, Near Vision CK, Visian ICL, Intacs etc. This is Pasadena California Laser Lasik Centers Address.

Laser Eye Center
Laser Eye Center
301 South Fair Oaks Suite 102
Pasadena, California 91105 .

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lasik El Paso Tx Or Texas

Lasik El Paso Tx or texas means those qualified Lasik surgeon who serve the people by doing lasik operation in El Paso Tx (Texas) area. Lasik surgeon of El Paso Tx provides all kinds of lasik laser eye surgery. El paso Tx Lasik performe these procedures LASIK Eye Surgery, Excimer LASIK, Cataract Surgery, Toric Contact Lens, CK - Conductive Keratoplasty, Excimer LASEK, LASEK, Corneal Transplant Surgery, CustomVuetm Visx LASIK, and more. Lasik surgeons in El Paso are...

1)Omar Alvarado, DDS
Mundo Claro
7065 Luz De Sol Dr
El Paso , Texas 79912

2)Daniel Blumenfeld, MD
Schecter & Blumenfeld
1200 Golden Key Cir # 163
El Paso , Texas 79925

3)Marcos Calderon, M.D.
1717 Brown Bldg Suite 3
El Paso , Texas 79902

4)Amparo Chavez
El Paso Eye Surgeons
1201 N Mesa St # G
El Paso , Texas 79902

5)Jorge De La Chapa, MD
724 Willow Glen DR
El Paso , Texas 79922

6)David Doka
10460 Vista Del Sol Suite 300
El Paso , Texas 79925

7)Paul Gulbas, MD
El Paso Eye Surgeons
1201 N Mesa St # G
El Paso , Texas 79902

8)Paul Gulbas, MD
El Paso Eye Surgeons
1200 Golden Key Cir # 163
El Paso , Texas 79925

9)Basil Hallum
El Paso Eye Surgeons
1200 Golden Key Cir # 163
El Paso , Texas 79925

10)Laura Lopez
Schecter & Blumenfeld
1200 Golden Key Cir # 163
El Paso , Texas 79925

11)Robert Maddox, M.D.
Lasik El Paso
8001 Montana Ave
El Paso , Texas 79925

12)Susie Moss
Schecter & Blumenfeld
1220 N Oregon St
El Paso , Texas 79902

13)Joel Ransom, M.D.
PO Box 9995
El Paso , Texas 79990

Friday, July 10, 2009

Eye Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

Eye-Symptoms-of-High-Blood-Pressure Eye symptoms of high blood pressure indicate basically those eye symptoms which can occur for Hypertensive Retinopathy. High blood pressure can demage whole function of the body. It not only hampers other organs of the body but also it affects in the eye, specially the retina of the eye. So, we have to know more about eye symptoms of high blood pressure for avoiding highly vision threatening disease like as Hypertensive Retinopathy. Mainly three eye symptoms we can find out for high blood pressure-Headache, Eyeache and Blurred vision. Headache & eyeache frequently occur during high blood pressure period. In this time a patient can complain about blurring vision due to narrowing of the blood vessels in the retina, bleeding of the retina and also optic nerve swelling. If we were hypertensive patient for high blood pressure we would check Blood Pressure routingly & take medication for controlling blood pressure. Because of controlling blood pressure is the most important for hypertensive patients. Please don't forget to remember eye symptoms of high blood pressure which I write below again...
1) Frequently Headache or Acute Headache.
2) Frequently Eyeache or Eyepain associated with Headache.
3) Sudden Blurring vision or any severe visual disturbance.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Types of Lasik Eye Surgery | Types of Laser Eye Surgery

Types+Of+Lasik+Eye+Surgery Types Of Laser Surgery Lasik Surgery Types Lasik Laser Vision Correction Eye Surgery Types Types Of Laser Vision Surgery Types Of Laser Laser Types Of Lasik Surgery

Types of laser lasik eye surgery described as follows in short forms.

PRK-Photo Refractive Keratectomy.

Epi-lasik-Remove corneal surface layer, epithelium.

LASEK- This procedure is applied for thin cornea and is done
without creating corneal flap.

PresbyLASIK-This procedure is apply only for prsbyopia.

Corneal Onlys/Inlys-Blend with your's eye surface.

Custom Wavefront Lasik-Custom lasik according of patient's

Intralase Bladeless Lasik-This procedure performs without