Monday, January 19, 2009

PRK Lasik Eye Surgery | Prk Laser Lasik Correction Reviews

prk-lasik-eye-surgeryPRK full name is Photo Refractive Keratectomy, a computerized controlled Cold (that means it doesn't produce effect by heat or scarring) Excimer Laser Surgery; which is developed by IBM (International Business Machines) in 1990 and is approved by FDA in 1998. This is 'break and heal' types of laser corrective solutions for refractive error patients. By this PRK surgery procedures a Lasik surgeon or surgeons to minimize the depth of corneal ablation or remove 0.25nm of a micrometer central corneal surface tissue, which known as epithelium without making cut cornea. In this stage Excimer Laser set at a wave length 193nm. Basically 5 to 10 percent central corneal tissues remove for mild moderate myopic patient. Otherwise, 30 percent remove for extreme myopia. PRK used on 3.5 to 4mm optical zone of the cornea. In PRK laser eye surgery have no any complex procedure, so it's very simple to treat laser correction of High Myopia . Although PRK was first use for nearsightedness or myopia, now it's also use for farsightedness or hyperopia and or with astigmatism. But by this laser vision correction can not treat a presbyopia, because of presbyopia mainly occurs for loss of accommodation and it has no relation with corneal thickness. PRK is similar to LASIK.