Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dry Eye And Lasik--Dry Eye Treatments Before Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

Dry+Eye+And+Lasik+Dry+Eye+Treatments+Before+Lasik+Laser+Eye+SurgeryTreatments for dry eyes before LASIK : If the surgeon it is a number of the options certainly, so that those can will use, would tear to contribute to strengthen your before your procedure of LASIK of the treatment that your film of a tear is not enough. These options also include thereby the quantity would tear to add around you to do the decreases of idratazione and lubrificazione of the decreases use, which you have. A community practices is calls the thorns of Punctal to put into the lines lacrimali, the tiny thorns of the polymer. Blocked that drainage, it helps you and carries with-honors the dry eyes to eliminate would tear on the surface of the eye to receive. The thorns of Punctal can will do, can, of the different types, of and of the silicone, which collagen its, which can do careless inward, for much weeks or months its, I would tear the quantity from thereby rich. Another way prescribes the decreases, which produce for that the assistance biopharmaceutical a medicine of Restasis really own would tear from of you plus you are, which the surgeon can, which treats dry präoperativen eyes. It is of, and can this uses options all of the surgeon to be, so that you would tear your for the surgery of LASIK in the case of to prepare the dry eyes in advance have.
A part of your consultation discussed that medicine with the surgeon of eye and its personnel at present used critically openly. Even if it thinks that they importantly are not, because perhaps in the pharmacy without a regulation them bought it, must say to her used in your procedure from LASIK to the physician, since they can in former times or indirectly, the cause of the dry eyes to be. The surgeon must know in advance this.