Monday, April 26, 2010

Lasik Recovery Timeline

Lasik recovery timeline is one most worried question, who want to do lasik surgery. It’s not only important before surgery but also after surgery. Lasik recovery timeline means recovery periods after surgery. Every patient wants to get clear better vision with short recovery period. But, most of the time- it is not possible, because of choosing unqualified  surgeon and surgery center. Avoiding post operative guidelines is another cause for this.

After surgery you may feel dryness and poor night vision. It creates delay your recovery time. Sometimes, within short periods of after surgery you may feel better vision, then it will be decreased by passing day by day. In this case, you should be concerned about post-operative complications.

If you won’t face any complications after surgery you can get your desire recovery within short periods, even 6 hours after surgery. But, keeping recovery without any facts you have to mention medication properly.

Depending on patients and also condition of patients lasik recovery timeline may be vary on 6 hours to 6 weeks, even 6 months.