Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lasik Plus Reviews By Isabella | LasikPlus Scottsdale, AZ Reviews

lasik-plus-scottsdale-AZ-reviews Lasik Plus AZ Lasik Center Reviews by Patient Isabella : I only have praise for Lasik Plus in Scottsdale, AZ. I was referred by many many people to Dr Perry at Lasik Plus. I am 48 years old and was constantly buying reading glasses. I went to another place first just for comparison sake. The exam was very brief and they all seemed very pushy! They immediately recommended having surgery on both eyes to have monovision. I did not understand the concept until I went to LASIK PLUS and the doctor actually demonstrated it for me so I understood perfectly and loved it. I could see far away and also read without glasses. After my free consultation I was told I could actually do one eye for reading and leave my dominant eye (camera shooting eye) to see far. If I felt I needed to see better for distance I could always have my other eye done in the future. I saved $1500 and the risk of having surgery. Everyone at LASIK PLUS was very informative and answered all my questions without worrying about how long it took. The day of surgery was very organized and it did not feel like a cattle call even though they did alot of surgeries. My prescription was verified again to ensure a great result. Yes I could have had it done for a few hundred dollars less but NO WAY would I compromise on the best for my eyesight. LASIK PLUS had state of the art testing equipment and they have 4 lasers not 1 or 2 like the other places. I could read the next morning without searching for my glasses YEAH!! I would never hesitate referring anyone to LASIK PLUS in Scottsdale, AZ. Thank you Dr Perry for the gift of sight.