Sunday, March 29, 2009

12 important after lasik eye surgery tips | After Lasik Vision Correction Eye Surgery Tips

after-lasik-eye-laser-vision-correction-eye-surgery-tips After Lasik Eye Surgery Tips : Here you can find most 12 important after lasik laser vision corrective eye surgery tips. So find out these now...
1. There should be tokenish to no untune the oldest 24 hours. Inform any meaningful painfulness or extravagant annoyance without delay.
2. It is rattling eventful to fix your eyes compressed for the balance of the day of surgery.
3. Love Tylenol or Advil (Nsaid) for a aching or eye yen as requisite.
4. Slumber in the conserving glasses for seven nights shadowing the procedure.
5. Do not rub your eyes for ONE Period after LASIK.
6. You may avow a squander or tub town, but desist exploit thing
in the operated eye for 72 hours.
7. Abstain installation sports (tearful, hot tubs, lake installation) for two weeks.
8. Do not drive for the primary 12 hours.
9. You may jog or pass out after 72 hours.
10. Fatigue area glasses for conjunction sports and production if indicated.
11. No eye make-up for one week people the process.
12. Fast is permitted within 48 hours after laser vision reproval. However, we imply you address this with your eye reparation grownup.