Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lasik And Dry Eyes Before Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik+And+Dry+Eyes+Before+Lasik++Eye+Surgery Dry Eyes Before Lasik Surgery : To have a enough amount of a film they are normal of tear is a condition for a had method success of surgery of LASIK eye. One film is of tear will count some components that really help to protect the eye against the infeção in normal circumstances as well as when the eye it suffered an operation as LASIK. Thus, to have a enough amount of tears is important. Moreover, the tear film supplies a soft optic surface and is really an integrant part of clear vision. If your film of tear will be unsatisfactory before your surgery of LASIK, it is to the times possible to obtain measured inexact executing the corneal topography or aberrometry. These defective measures can certainly affect your results equally. Thus, in order to have the best resulted, must have as normal it tears the film as possible. During your consultation, your surgeon of LASIK and its staff will evaluate your film of tear. They can directly observe the film of tear with biomicroscope of crack light bulb, can measure the amount of tears that produces using an essay of Shirmer, can employ the special corantes as one that rougeoient under one blacklight called fluoresceína, or one that they can indicate if the lack of tears to harm to the external layer of cells on the cornea, calls To cut the Cane. To the times your surgeon can order to an essay very sophisticated call an analysis of lactoferrine to desire himself to obtain information well more necessary. The true objective is so that the surgeon obtains a level of comfort with the amount of tears so that he can obtain the best resulted.