Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lasik Reviews From Mitbeta | Mitbeta's Lasik Laser Vision Correction Eye Surgery Reviews

lasik+reviews+from+mitbetas Mitbeta's Lasik Reviews : My wife and I both had Lasik done by the only independent surgeon in New England (in other words, he was not affiliated with a hospital — he was the only surgeon in New England who had enough money and experience to buy his own equipment). At the time, 2003, that my wife had hers done, this doctor had over 7000 surgeries to his credit, including a number of famous athletes, etc. — people who rely on their eyes for their super high incomes.
This meant that he did not come cheap, but it also meant that the quality was very high.
This particular surgeon turns away a large percentage of the people that come in for consultations because either their eyes can’t be helped by him or (and this is important): they have unrealistic expectations of what the outcome will be. My wife desired to be able to see the alarm clock in the middle of the night, and to be able to see her legs to shave them when in the shower. She had horrible vision and considered any improvement to be worth it. My eyes were a lot better, and therefore easier to get back to 20/20.
The surgery itself takes very little time. My wife had her eyes done about a year before I had mine done (separated for Flexible Spending Account purposes). I got to watch her surgery on a video monitor. Let me tell you: watching it is far worse than having it done. They numb your eyes and give you a valium, so the worst part is actually the speculum that holds your eyelids open, rather than anything they are doing to your actual eye.
I had halos immediately after my surgery that lasted for about a month. They were annoying but not debilitating. I had, and still continue to have, dry eyes, however after having worn contacts for a number of years, this is no big deal. I always carry eyedrops with me, though I find that I use them less and less frequently. I also often use a product that keeps my eyes moist while sleeping.
My eyesight is 20/10 at this point. My wife needs to wear glasses for certain things, like driving at night, but the prescription is very light. She has something like 20/30 vision.
We both strongly endorse Lasik, but encourage anyone considering it to really think about what they want to get out of it, and then find the right surgeon for themselves.
We took advantage of FSA accounts as well as 0% interest financing to make the process that much less painful.