Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reviews of ideal or good candidates for lasik

Reviews+of+ideal+or+good+candidates+for+lasikLasik candidates means, who fit for lasik eye surgery. Like as other candidates. lasik candidates must follow some rules for fit lasik surgery. An ideal or good LASIK candidates must require following criteria.
Age: Age must be 18 years standard age for LASIK is over 23 years.
Health - You must be in good overall health and have good eye health.
Vision corrective patient’s dioptic ranges:
--Myopia (up to -12.00 Diopters) (Spherical equivalent)
--Hyperopia (Up to +5.00 Diopters) (Spherical equivalent)
--Astigmatism (Most cases up to -9.00 Diopters)
Visual problems: You must have vision correction problems.
Pupil Diameter: Not more than 6.5mm in diameter in dim light.
Eye conditions:
--No glaucoma.
--No keartocunus
--No Infection.
--No inflammation disease such as Uveitis.
--No Dry eye syndrome.
--No cataract.
--No retinal disease, such as RD (Retinal Detachment)
Systemic Disease:
--No lupul
--No Pregnancy.
--No hypertension.
--No diabetics.
--No AIDS.
Corrected visual condition: Corrected Visual Acuity (VA) must stable at least one year.
Systemic drug: You should not be tacking certain prescription drugs, such as Accutane or oral prednisone.