Monday, January 26, 2009

Lasik Eye Surgery Risks | Risks Of Lasik Eye Laser Vision Correction Surgery

'lasik-eye-surgery-risksYou are a LASIK candidate. So I think you have to know more about LASIK eye surgery risks for good decision or good vision for your own eyes. If the risks may occur for your eye, you will have to face these risks for long time, even until death. Please know about risks of LASIK laser vision correction eye surgery. Here i discuss some degree of risks of LASIK for your learning. I think it helps for your decision. So, read now..
--Loss of best corrected visual acuity.
--May loss of vision permanently due to absence of epithelium of the eye.
--May need under correction for nearsighted patients and over correction for farsighted patients.
--May loss of contrast sensitivity.
--Visual symptoms (such as photophobia) may produce.
--Severe dry eye syndrome may produce due to loss of pre-corneal tear film.
--Negative result may occur for High Refractive Error patients.
--Glare Haze and irregular astigmatism may produce due to unequal corneal flap.
--Flap problems such as Flap Dislocation, Swelling, Infection may occur.
--Corneal infection may occur after laser vision LASIK surgery.
--The cornea becomes thin after LASIK.
--Severe allergies may produce after LASIK eye surgery.
--Due to monovision, you may loss contrast vision, may loss ability to do sharp work and may loss ability driving at night also.
--Haloas effects may produce after LASIK.
--May develop karatoconus (cone shape cornea) after LASIK vision correction.
--Bilateral treatments may produce high risks of the eye.
--Enhancement procedure (re-LASIK) may require after LASIK.
--May need glasses for presbyopic patients.