Thursday, January 22, 2009

LASIK Hisrtory Reviews | History Of Lasik Eye Surgery

history-of-lasik-eye-surgery LASIK has direct and indirect milestones or great history of his own invention. These milestones developed laser vision surgical procedures like as LASIK. Here I describe the summary of invention of LASIK.
--In 1949, Barraquer developed the keratomileusis using for dissection of corneal thickness for myopic patients.
--In 1963, Barraquer modify his theories and techniques about LASIK.
--In 1983, planer keratomileusis developed by Krumeich.
--In 1983, Trokel and Srinivasan had suggested for using Excimer Laser in Lasik for ablating corneal epithelium.
--In 1986, Ruiz introduced situ keratomeleusis for using manual dissection of the cornea.
--In 1990, Pallikaris, from Greece used microkeratome to create a corneal cap.
--In 1991, Pallikaris introduced a nasally hinged corneal flap which didn't need suturing in the end--the basis of LASIK. He also coined the term LASIK.
--In 1992, Buratto, from Italy introduced the cap mileusis with Excimer Laser.
--In 1996, Buratto developed the technique of cutting a superiorly hinged flap. This technique is very popular in modern LASIK surgery.