Sunday, January 25, 2009

How to Choose A Right/Best Lasik Surgeon | How To Find The Right/Best Lasik Eye Surgeon-Doctor | Best Lasik Surgeon

'how+to+choose+a+right+lasik+surgeonAll surgeons are not equal. So you should detect who is good LASIK surgeon for surgery. Although LASIK isn't a difficult laser vision surgery, but its result also depends on the surgeon and his surgical procedures. It is true that to detect a good surgeon isn't easy, that is very hard for new LASIK candidates. If you follow some rules for detecting a right LASIK surgeon I think you will be able to find out a right LASIK surgeon for your own surgery. So, read these topics for detecting right LASIK surgeon near at home.

Talk with the people: Firstly you have to talk with the people about LASIK. By this process you can learn more about LASIK. It will help to detect a right LASIK doctor near at home.

Consult with physician directories: Search for LASIK eye surgery doctor for operation. In this stage you have to remember it that, what types of directories are the best directories for LASIK. A good directory site always refers to a good doctor.

'how+choose+a+right+lasik+surgeonContact with ophthalmic boards and medical associations: By internet or mail you can contact with ophthalmic board, such as American Academy of Ophthalmology and medical associations. Here you can get real documents of a surgeon and other factors of surgery.

Experience: You have to know about surgeon more and more. Experience is the most important for LASIK like as any surgery. You have to do some questions to a doctor for detecting surgeon’s experience? Like as...

--How many LASIK procedures have you performed?

--How long have you been perform LASIK?
--What kind of results have past patients had?
--What is your background and training experience?
-- Do you have patient testimonials available?

Equipments: All LASIK surgeons don’t follow FDA rules. So be careful about these doctors. Please make these questions for learning about equipments situation of LASIK surgeon.

  • What kind of laser do you use?
  • How often is your laser calibrated? (The Laser should be recalibrated at least every 4th use)
  • What kind of microkeratome do you use?
  • How often is the microkeratome incisor changed? (A new incisor should be used for every patient)
Board certification: Your doctor has a board certificate? Please make sure about this.

Addition certification: You should remember about other qualification of a surgeon.

Success and complications rate: Please to do questions to a doctor?
  • What are the success rates of your surgery?
  • Do you record operated patients data?

Care provider and style of care: Know about surgeons patients care styles.

  • What are the services available for candidates?
  • Will the surgeon evaluate and speak with you prior to surgery?
  • Who will be your main contact at the office?
  • Who will perform the pre-procedural exams?
  • Who will perform the follow-up exams?
  • What are the qualifications of the person providing the follow-up care?

Please avoid the "shopping mall" approach to surgery where patients are shuffled through the surgical suite without having first met with the surgeon.

Informative: Is this surgeon very informative?

Cost of surgery: You have to know about cost of LASIK also and compare prices with others.Finally you should remember following keyword for detecting a right LASIK surgeon.

  • Training and education
  • Certifications board certifications as well as manufacturer certifications on lasers and microkeratomes
  • Professional memberships and important offices held
  • Training and teaching activities.
  • Research and writing activities.
  • Awards and recognitions.
  • Reputation The equipment the surgeon uses.

So keep searching a right LASIK surgeon.