Thursday, August 6, 2009

What questions should you ask to surgeon before lasik surgery?

Every patient should ask to doctor for a list of credentials. Their Board certification and, if so, how many LASIK procedures the Committee, what results (complication rate, etc.), what is their common experience? Of these issues should be idea to give patients the skills of doctors in general. In addition, we have always recommended that patients see a doctor's surgery 2-3 other patients will be able to talk with them. This is usually a very effective way to determine what can be expected throughout the course of treatment.

On the number of cases, a surgeon, but every surgeon's skill level is different, at least in the 50 - 100 cases, should be the basis of a good line, but there are also a number of recommendations, at least in 1000. If a doctor failed to keratomileusis (to do so, at least 10 - 12 cases, one in July), they may not be able to maintain their skills has been.