Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What are the benefits of wavefront technology?

Potential Benefits of Wavefront Technology: One of the discoveries in the Wavefront technology involves, as you see. Typically, the operation will allow you to see clearly through you score twenty-twenty-to-face showdown. With Wavefront technology, as you can see, has also improved. There will be an improvement in fine detail, and sensitivity to contrast. This means that there will be fewer complications after LASIK treatment, associated with striking, halo, and trouble seeing at night.

What you see will depend on the defects in your vision, and this is called a low-order aberrations. Traditional LASIK can treat normal refraction, as farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. How well do you see will depend on the distortions in your vision, and it is called higher-order aberrations. Wavefront LASIK will be able to consider higher-order aberrations, as the reduction in the contrast sensitivity, or difficulty seeing at night. The bright, shadow and halo are also considered customized LASIK treatment.

In Wavefront LASIK laser correction will create a unique program at the surface of the eye. This will be guided by a detailed analysis of errors in your vision, as shown in the path of light passing through your eyes.

As you can imagine, this unique approach is more expensive than standard LASIK, but it can treat those patients with "high" recipe (from moderate to severe refractive error), as well as ensure a better quality of vision.