Monday, August 3, 2009

Wavefront Custom Guided Lasik Technology

Wavefront+Custom+Guided+Lasik+TechnologyIn modern era some wavefront lasik technology is available for correcting vision by laser surgery(LASIK). I would like to write here about custom guided wavefront lasik technology with brief description.

Allegretto wave laser: Allegretto wave in the eye Q-statements excimer laser is a new generation of excimer laser technology, is the first system to be authorized at the same time the treatment of myopia and hyperopia. Laser processing of personal data is personal in-depth study of who the so-called "super vision", or better than 20/20 vision. Laser reshapes the cornea to imitate the structure of the views of the same "super vision" and a unique setting. Because of the unique laser wavefront optimized ablation algorithm, the system provides the major clinical findings and the highest level of security for our patients. Allegretto Wave eyes only - Q statements excimer laser is wavefront optimized system. Wave of technology has not only corrected the patient's prescription, but the purpose is to improve the" quality "of vision during the day and night to prevent the problem. The system also has a unique eye tracking system can automatically adapt to changes in pupil size during treatment.

Allegro Topolyzer: This tool has the ability to monitor current violations of the eyes. The measures and detailed data. The resolution is very high. You will be able to use this tool to identify keratoconus. A Pentacam camera system is used to see behind the eyes, and the establishment of three-dimensional model, which will be analyzed by a surgeon.

Nidek OPD: NIDEK OPD provides information about corneal topography, wavefront, autorefraction, cornea and pupillometry in a unit, the use of visualization and analysis of technological development of specific measures to height difference between the normal eyes. The system provides a wide range of data map to provide the total refractive error, wavefront, corneal shape, internal aberrations and visual quality of the eyes, which makes a very accurate and reliable information on optical diagnosis.