Friday, September 11, 2009

Lasik Insurance

Lasik insurance plans basically covers vision correction surgery like as other managed care plans or surgery. Lasik insurance coverage can provide an opportunity to reduce the amount of refractive vision correction eye surgery like LASIK, PRK, Epi-lasik, monovision lasik etc. Lasik insurance covers some vision and medical care maintenance organizations. They mainly don’t pay money to the doctors, but they will contract with doctors or lasik surgeons for discounting Lasik prices. For this reason, they will get extra benefits from lasik surgeons, which they also provide for you by mentioning some rules. As a patient for LASIK surgery, if you want to get LASIK insurance ‘coverage’ I think you must read their terms before undergoing LASIK insurance procedures, because of sometimes the lasik insurance plan’s negotiated rate is higher than the current market rate from the same provider. Although health or medical care maintenace organizations provides LASIK insurance ‘coverage’, most of the time it may not be very valuable for LASIK surgery. So, be careful and sure to check around.

Guidelines for LASIK insurance:

  • You have to create flexible spending account in your human resources department by spending some amounts for any medical care or procedures.

  • Check it that, is LASIK or vision surgery tax deductible medical expense? So, you have to consult with tax advisor for getting benefits from it.

  • Be careful during decision making for surgery. Always consider quality lasik surgeons than lasik prices.

  • You have to check others facilities and compare with your’s facilities for solving good result issues.

  • If you have faced other ocular disease like as dry eye syndrome, which is barrier for LASIK surgery, you must expose it before LASIK insurance coverage.

  • Fight with your insuarance company for getting all available and valuable coverage from your LASIK insurance plan.