Friday, July 10, 2009

Eye Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

Eye-Symptoms-of-High-Blood-Pressure Eye symptoms of high blood pressure indicate basically those eye symptoms which can occur for Hypertensive Retinopathy. High blood pressure can demage whole function of the body. It not only hampers other organs of the body but also it affects in the eye, specially the retina of the eye. So, we have to know more about eye symptoms of high blood pressure for avoiding highly vision threatening disease like as Hypertensive Retinopathy. Mainly three eye symptoms we can find out for high blood pressure-Headache, Eyeache and Blurred vision. Headache & eyeache frequently occur during high blood pressure period. In this time a patient can complain about blurring vision due to narrowing of the blood vessels in the retina, bleeding of the retina and also optic nerve swelling. If we were hypertensive patient for high blood pressure we would check Blood Pressure routingly & take medication for controlling blood pressure. Because of controlling blood pressure is the most important for hypertensive patients. Please don't forget to remember eye symptoms of high blood pressure which I write below again...
1) Frequently Headache or Acute Headache.
2) Frequently Eyeache or Eyepain associated with Headache.
3) Sudden Blurring vision or any severe visual disturbance.