Wednesday, February 4, 2009

PRK Lasik candidates | PRK Eyes | Who Fits For PRK Lasik Eye Surgery

prk-lasik-eye-surgery-candidatesKnow more all about prk lasik candidates including-- PRK Lasik patients, Who fits for PRK, PRK Candidates & PRK Eyes : Criteria for prk lasik eye laser vision correction eye surgery candidates are following...
--20 to 23 age of refractive disorder patients and no change of corrective glasses or contanct lenses power from last two or at least one year.
--High Myopia more than corrective power -4D.
--Poor or non co-operative patient for LASIK.
--Deep set eyes.
--Small lid or palpebral fissure.
--Standard pachymetry masurement.
--Asymetric astigmatism.
--Inability to get good suction for LASIK.
--Thin corneal, which isn't suitable for LASIK operation.